The Old Lady

The Old Lady

May a boat have a soul? Four generations of an Irish family, the McDonaghs, firmly believe it. The Old Lady tells the poignant story of an iconic Galway hooker and her owners: Braendán, Seán, Pádraig and Conor.
For them all the Old Lady represents their choice of a free, independent life, driven by variable winds and by their inner strength. Their stories are intrinsically linked to that of the boat through many ordinary and extraordinary events. Far beyond being a means of livelihood, the boat is a source of emotional support and inspiration for the McDonaghs and for the people related to them in various ways.
The Old Lady represents the living symbol of a legacy spanning across a century, bridging the lives, the experiences and the dreams of the old and the young generations.

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Publishing Date

28 September 2019


Novels, Traditional boats