The Galway Hooker (húicéir in Irish) is a traditional boat distinctive to Galway Bay and the coast of Connemara. This iconic craft, sturdy, yet elegant and agile, is characterised by a black-coloured hull (the colour was originally due to a tar coating) and rust-red sails. The Galway hooker has nowadays become an icon in Ireland and abroad; her distinctive silhouette is quite rightly the emblem on the crest of Galway County Council. This revival is actively promoted by Cumann na Húicéirí - the Galway Hooker Association, and by Bádóirí an Chladaigh - the Claddagh Boatmen Association. These wonderful boats can be admired while competing in the regattas taking place in Summer months. A full size hooker, the Mairtin Oliver, is "moored" in Galway City Museum.