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A Seanchaí is a traditional Irish storyteller/historian. The word Seanchaí (Plural: Seanchaithe) means a bearer of "old lore" (seanchas).
In the ancient Celtic culture, the history and laws of the people were not written down but memorized in long lyric poems which were recited by bards. In that ancient society, bards held a position of esteem, second only to kings.
Bards memorized vast amounts of poetry which they performed live, and their poems and songs were often the only historical record available. Some may consider them to be historians.
Bards evolved into storytellers called Seanchaithe. Some of them were members of a settled community and might be termed "village storytellers" who told their stories and tales at ceremonies and community events.
We love to think of ourselves as modern Seanchaithe, who use images and words to preserve and enhance the heritage of the rich cultural texture of Connemara.


Meet the Team!

Seanchaí Editions is based in Connemara. Our books are mainly photographic and cover a wide range of topics. We are a skilled and effective team, specialized in professional photography, web design, graphics, branding and advertising.
We focus on our customers, supporting them at every stage of their project in terms of editorial, graphic and photographic development, developing their initial ideas into a high-quality final product.
We also care for their marketing needs through the creation of websites, brochures, custom logos, business cards and much more.

Eilis Petroni
Eilis PetroniWeb Designer - Writer
Liam Dossena
Liam DossenaPublisher - Photographer

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